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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanks NOT Giving Eve 1101000101010!

So me and my pal, Micheal Stanley, went out tonight to our favorite watering hole, to tie one on tonight. he said he wanted to get "Crunk", I think that's black people talk for getting high and drunk, no problem. I have altered my alcohol receptors to be almost as sensitive to booze and chronic as WD-40 or petrolium. So I knew i would have a good time. We totally forgot how crazy the bars get around here when all the goddard damned, college kids come home. Stanz reminded me that it was "Amatuer Night" but I thought that meant that his band was playing at the bar. Jimminy Christmass there sure was alot of talent out there, but it didn't make up for all the amount of sausage that we had to deal with. Half these kids couldn't even grow a manly beard goddard damn it, I doubt they even had hair in their pants. We were packed like sardines and could barely get to the bar to get a goddard damned drink.

I wrote a song about it. Micheal Stanley and I recorded it in his attic over a bottle jagermeister before we got yelled at by his wife and passed out. it's called " Hot Chicks Who Will Never Do Me":

this town was our town
hoes up g's down
little bitches with the big titty
knowin' me and Stanz run this city

chick fat rollin' over the belt
doesn't even beg to be felt
little manboy posers-bad hair cut
leave so i can touch-your girlfrind's butt

the weather is bad
don't try me Chad
i'm not your wimpy little dad
if you girl saw my junk she would be sad (for you)

for you ou-ou-ohhhhhu-for you

cyber c*ck all night long
pnematic, long and cyber strong
you're worring about your little dong
but you're the reason for this song

Dickkie G.


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